I woke up one winter morning, got ready and made myself the perfect Guatemalan French press, unfortunately I was too caught up with making it when I realized I was late for work. A decision had to be made. It was either, down the scolding hot elixir blessed of the gods or leave my precious labour of love. I sipped as much as I could to tie me over but burnt my tongue, a tragic thing cause I would need that later to taste its delectable fruity bouquet. I left out the door disheartened. I thought to myself, "if only there was a way to seal my coffee mug so I could take it out the door."  This is were it all began. 

The Story

My love for coffee and my work as an industrial designer came together to develop the only truly universal rubber lid on the market. Over the past two years this journey took countless iterations, 3d prints, rubber moulds and user tests. Now! it is ready, truly ready and not just the product but the coffee and tea loving world. We need a more sustainable way of satisfying our coffee and tea crave. Producing one-time-use cups, lids and sleeves is actually nonsensical. Awareness campaigns are not enough to make lasting change. Rather than using guilt to change behaviour we needed design thinking to offer something more convenient and eventually cheaper than disposable cups to change our habits.