PortaVia is a universal lid that fits inside any standard mug or cup, allowing you to take your drink to-go!

It’s the first ever silicone lid that fits inside a container to create a seal. PortaVia is a healthy and sustainable alternative to plastic lids and disposable water bottles.

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The rubber lid slides down into the coffee mug or cup and creates a reliable seal inside the container allowing it to be taken to-go.

  • Universal size

  • Reliable seal that will not spill or leak

  • Reusable, easy to clean and dishwasher friendly

  • Made from food safe FDA approved silicon rubber

  • Reduces paper cups, plastic lids and sleeves

  • Save $0.10-0.20 on every use at most cafes

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  • Take your coffee, tea or any beverage with you from home

  • Use the mugs and cups you already own around

  • Enjoy you beverage while driving, in transit, at school or the office

  • You never have to buy another travel mug

  • Save time in the morning, just grab a mug and go

  • Keep your beverage warm longer

  • Never spill your coffee or tea while driving


  • Save 15-17 cents on each sale by using fewer paper cups, sleeves and lids

  • Reduce single-use item waste and disposal costs

  • Offer your customers a healthy alternative to poly-lined cups and plastic lids

  • Avoid having to use paper cups and plastic lids which negatively alter the taste of hot beverages

  • Offer your customers a loyalty product that keeps them coming back


  • PortaVia is an invention, opening up a brand new product category, yet fits along side other coffee accessories

  • The design is ergonomic and user-friendly

  • Offer your community a reuable beverage accessory they can use everyday

  • PortaVia fits in perfectly with other home products


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PortaVia is the first of its kind